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Welcome to Lens & Frames Optical in Guelph, where we’re dedicated to tackling the discomfort and daily challenges of Dry Eye Syndrome. We’re thrilled to present a groundbreaking line of frames that are more than glasses—a source of relief for those battling Dry Eye Syndrome. These frames combine protection, comfort, and style, offering a much-needed solution for anyone seeking relief from the relentless irritation of dry eyes.

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Dry Eye Syndrome is a significant daily obstacle in urban settings like Guelph. Symptoms include dry, itchy, or watery eyes, often caused by screen glare, air pollution, and the city’s fluctuating climate. These symptoms can make routine activities like reading, driving, or using digital devices a struggle, not to mention exacerbating eye fatigue, which affects productivity and well-being. This highlights the need for specialized eyewear designed to meet these environmental challenges and ease the discomfort of this increasingly prevalent condition.


Dry Eye Eyewear is a boon for those with Dry Eye Syndrome, offering state-of-the-art protection and comfort. The moisture chamber frames are engineered to seal around the eyes, retaining moisture and shielding the eyes from irritants—a key feature in mitigating dry eye symptoms. 


The 7eye AirShield technology also provides extra defence against wind and airborne particles, perfect for outdoor activities. These frames also come with prescription lens options, ensuring everyone can enjoy their benefits. This blend of comfort and utility positions these frames as a top pick for combating dry eyes. Visit our Guelph store for more details.

How Dry Eye Glasses Make a Difference

Research shows that dry eyeglasses can do wonders for your eyes by:

  • Making them feel more comfortable and keeping the tear film stable
  • Offering superior protection compared to using just artificial tears
  • Acting as a great support in treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

The intelligent design of these glasses ensures that air doesn’t dry out your eyes, keeping them moist and comfy without constantly resorting to eye drops.

Dive Into Moisture Chamber Glasses

Known also as moisture chamber glasses, dry eye eyewear is revolutionizing how we deal with the annoyances and discomforts of dry eye syndrome. They’re a straightforward, safe solution that significantly boosts your quality of life without sidelining medical advice. Our collection includes sleek, discreet options that fit your daily life, ensuring your dry eyes are not the center of attention.

Picking Your Perfect Pair of Dry Eye Glasses

Here’s what to keep in mind when shopping for dry eyeglasses:

  • Moisture Chamber Glasses have a soft, latex-free silicone eyecup that locks in moisture and keeps out irritants. Available in various styles and lens choices, including ones that change colour in sunlight, they’re also compatible with prescription lenses.
  • 7eye AirShield stands out with its unique seal technology, providing unmatched protection from wind and helping keep your eyes moist — perfect for those who love spending time outdoors. Prescription lenses? No problem.

What Makes Dry Eye Glasses Effective

These glasses come with a gasket, or eyecup, that forms a snug seal around your eyes. This seal protects against wind, dust, pollen, and dry air from air conditioning, helping your eyes retain natural moisture. This means you can say goodbye to the constant need for eye drops and ointments.

Why Choose Dry Eye Eyewear

Opting for Dry Eye Eyeware at Lens & Frames Optical in Guelph means enjoying expert fitting services for a perfect fit, a diverse selection of styles to suit different tastes and lifestyles, and personalized customer service. This professional fitting, variety, and tailored care make Lens & Frames Optical the go-to destination for Dry Eye Frames in Guelph.

Our Comprehensive Dry Eye Solutions

Our approach in Guelph extends beyond just Dry Eye Eyewear. We offer all-encompassing solutions, including detailed eye exams, specialized dry eye consultations, and accessories like anti-fog spray and ear grippers to enhance the frames’ functionality. These services and products are part of our commitment to a holistic approach to eye health for our clients in Guelph.

Expert Guidance and Support

Embracing Dry Eye Eyewear means choosing a fusion of innovative technology, comfort, and style specially crafted to relieve Dry Eye Syndrome symptoms. We invite you to discover our Dry Eye Eyewear solutions, book a personalized consultation, or visit us in Guelph for a custom-fit experience. Experience the impact of our comprehensive dry eye solutions in your life.


At Lens & Frames Optical Guelph, our team offers ongoing support and expert advice. We’re committed to assisting individuals in finding the best solution for their dry eye symptoms, guaranteeing a personalized and caring experience.


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