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prescription glasses cambridge


If you wear single vision lenses, you can see clearly at a distance and at a close range. It is common to use these lenses for correcting nearsightedness or farsightedness. Lens & Frames Optical in Guelph, Ontario, offers a variety of lens types and lighter frames to make you feel good and look good!

prescription glasses cambridge


Unlike bifocals and trifocals, this lens has a beautiful look, optimum vision, and a smooth transition between the distance, near, and intermediate zones. Choosing the right frame for your style and choice of lenses is important to Lens & Frames Optical Guelph. With these lenses, you can read at a closer distance while seeing clearly at a distance on your smartphone, tablet, or computer desk.

prescription glasses cambridge


Distance and reading lenses are separated by dividing lines or curves in this type of lens. If you have a prescription for or need one for Bifocals, call or visit our Guelph store.

prescription glasses cambridge


There is a visible line dividing these prescription lenses into three distances: distance, near, and intermediate. Get Trifocals from our Guelph store or call us.

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