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Experience the magic of advanced eyewear technology in Guelph! Transition Lenses offer seamless adaptability to varying light conditions, ensuring optimal eye comfort and 100% UV protection.

Transition Lenses

Transitions VII / Signature Lens

Perfect for everyday life in Guelph. These lenses stay clear indoors and at night but automatically adjust, darkening under the bright sun, giving you the convenience of two glasses in one.

Transitions XTRActive Lens

Protect your eyes both inside and outside. These lenses shield your eyes from harsh indoor lights and offer protection from extremely bright sunlight outdoors – even behind your windshield.

Transitions DriveWear Lens

Tailored for the dynamic individual. Experience lenses that transform into three distinct shades:

Dark brown under bright sunlight

Olive during low-light conditions

Copper-variable for daytime driving, ensuring clarity even behind your windshield.

Transitions Vantage

For the outdoor enthusiasts of Guelph! These lenses don’t just adapt to light changes – they also polarize as they darken. This reduces glare from reflective surfaces, ensuring that your outdoor adventures in Guelph remain clear and glare-free.

Shaw Lenses

Shaw lenses aren’t just any regular eyeglasses. They’re special! These lenses help control differences in image sizes. This is super helpful if one of your eyes has a very different prescription than the other.

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These glasses are designed for people who feel tired in and around their eyes after doing close-up work for a long time. They have an intermediate zone in the middle that helps see things up close more quickly. They are also available as single vision lenses for pre-presbyopes and children.

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Occupational Lenses

Occupational lenses help you see better while you’re working. When you use regular reading glasses, you have to move closer to your work desk. With progressive lenses, you have to tilt your head up and down to see appropriately. But with occupational lenses, you can see comfortably from side to side and up and down without these problems.

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Office Lenses

If your eyes feel tired or you have trouble focusing when you’re using your regular bifocal or progressive glasses while working on a computer, these special lenses are designed to help you concentrate better when you’re using a computer.

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HD Lenses

In today’s high-tech world, why not consider getting special digital lenses for your glasses? These cool lenses give you the best, widest view, whether you’re looking up close or far away. These glasses are tailored just for you, so they work perfectly with your prescription needs, giving you super clear vision.

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HD Lenses

Glass lenses are better at helping you see clearly because they spread light evenly and are less likely to get scratched or damaged. This means they last longer and need less care. They also look nice because they are comparatively thinner and more attractive when you wear them on your face. At Lens & Frames Optical, we sell glass lenses like single vision, bifocals, and progressive ones at reasonable prices.

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Ski Goggles

When you go skiing or snowboarding, your eyes can get exposed to strong winds and bright sunlight. To keep your eyes safe and comfortable during these winter activities, it’s a good idea to wear ski goggles. These special goggles are designed to cover your eyes completely, protecting them from anything that might hurt them, like UV rays from the sun. They also help reduce glare from the sun, making it easier to see on sunny days. Plus, they make it easier to tell the difference between objects and their shadows. If you need glasses, don’t worry; we have ski goggles with prescription lenses or without, so you can see well and stay safe while having fun in the snow.

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