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Welcome to Lens & Frames Optical in Cambridge, where we deeply understand the discomfort and daily challenges posed by Dry Eye Syndrome. We aim to offer solutions and a transformation in eye health and comfort. We are excited to introduce a revolutionary line of frames that are more than just glasses—a beacon of relief for those suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. This advanced design offers a unique blend of protection, comfort, and style, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking respite from the persistent irritation of dry eyes.

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Dry Eye Syndrome, prevalent in urban environments like Cambridge, significantly impacts everyday life. This condition, characterized by dry, itchy, or watery eyes, often results from exposure to screen glare, air pollution, and the city’s variable climate. People experiencing these symptoms may find daily tasks like reading, driving, or using digital devices uncomfortable. Dry Eye Syndrome can also exacerbate eye fatigue, decreasing productivity and overall well-being. This underscores the necessity for specialized eyewear solutions tailored to address these unique environmental challenges and alleviate the discomfort associated with this increasingly common condition.

Dry Eye Eyewear: Advanced Protection and Comfort:

These new frames offer advanced protection and comfort for individuals suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. Their innovative moisture chamber frames are designed to create a seal around the eyes, effectively retaining moisture and protecting the eyes from irritants. This technology is essential in providing relief from the symptoms of dry eye. Additionally, AirShield technology offers enhanced protection against wind and airborne irritants, making them ideal for outdoor environments. These frames are also available with prescription lenses, ensuring those with vision correction needs can benefit from their protective features. This combination of comfort and functionality makes these frames a leading choice for dry eye relief. For more detailed information, please visit our store.

How Do Dry Eye Glasses Help?

Scientific studies have confirmed that dry eyeglasses can:

  • Enhance comfort and stabilize the tear film on your eyes
  • Offer better protection than artificial tears
  • Serve as an effective supplement for treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

These glasses’ design ensures no gaps for air to pass through, keeping your eyes moist and comfortable without the need for eye drops.

Understanding Moisture Chamber Glasses

Also known as moisture chamber glasses, dry eye eyewear is a breakthrough in managing the causes and symptoms of dry eye syndrome. These glasses offer a simple, safe way to alleviate discomfort, significantly enhancing life quality without replacing medical treatments. Our Eyewear offers functional and discreet designs perfect for everyday indoor use without drawing undue attention.

Choosing the Right Dry Eye Glasses

When selecting dry eyeglasses, consider the following:

  • Moisture Chamber Glasses feature a latex-free silicone eyecup, retaining moisture and protecting from irritants. They come in various designs and lens options, including photochromic lenses, and can accommodate prescription lenses.
  • 7eye AirShield: Known for its patented seal technology, the AirShield models offer excellent wind protection and moisture retention, ideal for outdoor activities. These glasses also support prescription lenses.

Functionality of Dry Eye Glasses

The glasses feature a gasket, or eyecup, that creates a protective seal around your eyes. This barrier shields your eyes from wind, dust, pollen, and the drying effects of air conditioning, helping retain moisture and reducing reliance on eye drops and ointments.


These dry eye frames provide several advantages. Firstly, customers benefit from expert fitting services, ensuring each pair of glasses perfectly suits their needs. Lens & Frames Optical also offers a wide selection of styles, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Lastly, personalized customer service at Lens & Frames Optical enhances the shopping experience, ensuring each customer receives guidance and support in selecting the best eyewear for their specific dry eye symptoms. This combination of professional fitting, variety, and personalized care makes Lens & Frames Optical an ideal destination for this eyewear in Cambridge.

Our Comprehensive Dry Eye Solutions:

Our approach to managing Dry Eye Syndrome extends beyond eyewear. We offer comprehensive solutions, including thorough eye exams, specialized consultations for dry eye management, and various accessories tailored to enhance comfort. Our accessories, such as anti-fog spray and anti-slip ear grippers, complement the effectiveness of these frames, ensuring optimal functionality in various conditions. These services and products are all part of our commitment to providing a holistic approach to eye health for our clients in Cambridge.

Expert Guidance and Support

This blend of innovative technology, comfort, and style is specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. We invite you to explore our range of dry eye frame solutions, book a personalized consultation, or visit our store in Cambridge for a tailored experience. Discover the difference our comprehensive dry eye solutions can make in your life.


At Lens & Frames Optical Cambridge, our experienced team is dedicated to providing ongoing support and expert guidance. We are committed to helping individuals find the most effective solution for their dry eye symptoms, ensuring a personalized and caring experience.

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