Specialty Lenses

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Transition Lenses

Transitions are special type of lenses that offers 100% UV protection during sun exposure by darkening automatically while in sunlight and lightens when you are in an indoor environment.

Transitions VII / Signature Lens

Clear in indoors and at night while quickly adapting and darkening in bright sunny outdoor environment.

Transitions DriveWear Lens

These lenses change into three different colors. With bright sunlight the lenses change to dark brown, during low lighting conditions it changes to olive lightest color and during daytime driving behind the wind shield it changes to copper-variable color.

Transitions XTRActive Lens

Protects your eye from the harsh indoor lights as well as from extremely bright sunlight outdoors and even behind your windshield!

Transitions Vantage

This type is ideal for those who spend most of the time outdoors. These lenses polarize as they go dark to cut off glare from the reflective surfaces thereby offers clear and crisp vision in the outdoor environment.

SHAW lenses control the difference in image sizes caused by a greater difference in eye glasses prescription between the eyes. There is a lot more that these lenses offer. Please visit our store for more information.

These lenses are for those who experience fatigue in and around the eyes after hours of close work, comprising of intermediate zone with a boost for near. It is also available as single vision lenses for pre-presbyopes and children.

Occupational lenses offer comfortable near and intermediate vision for better performance at work. With regular reading glasses one has to get closer to the work desk, with progressives one has to raise their head to look through the bottom portion of the lens while working. Occupational lenses overcome the drawbacks of these conventional lens designs by providing you with relaxed and comfortable vision side to side and top to bottom through your glasses.

If you are experiencing eye strain or focusing issues while working in front of computers with your regular bifocals or progressives, then these lenses are perfectly tailored to achieve optimum level of concentration while working in front of your computers.

In this digital world, why not upgrade your eye glasses with digital lenses? These innovative lenses provide widest field of view covering all distances. The eye glass optics is custom designed to individual prescription requirements, offering superior quality vision.