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Sometimes customers accidentally damage their eyeglasses. When this happens, the option for repair is always there. Repairing it can be less expensive and faster than rebuying new glasses. Eyeglasses or sunglasses repair and adjustment involve straightening out of the eyewear according to the customer’s demand or back to the manufacturer’s standards. Repairing your broken eyewear yourself sounds compelling; however, it might not be a sustainable approach. Getting it fixed by a qualified and licensed optician is always better so it can last longer. Lens and Frames Optical have the skill and specialized tools required to repair and adjust frames and eyeglasses.  

We provide free repairs and adjustments.

If you need eyeglass repair or adjustment services in Cambridge, Lens and Frames Optical is here to help. 

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The eye exam does not end with a prescription; you also need well-fitting eyeglasses to resolve your eye health issue. The first frame adjustment you need is when you buy new eyeglasses. However, it does not end there; you will observe that your eyeglasses frame needs adjustment now and then. Problems such as loose frames, frequent slide-downs on the nose, and eyeglasses too loose or tight indicate that you need to fix them. Adjusting the eyeglasses and sunglasses requires a specialist’s technique and equipment. Always get an optician to fix your glasses especially if your frames are made of sturdy material like titanium or if they are exceptionally delicate, like rimless or semi-rimless frames. Regardless of the type of frame you have, remember that adjusting eyeglass frames is best done by an optician.

Eyewear Adjustments

New eyeglasses might need to be adjusted to fit your face correctly. When your glasses sit too loose on your nose, pinching your nose or the lens height on both sides is different; you require them to be adjusted. Unadjusted frames can result in annoyance and occasionally vision problems.

Get your eyeglasses made by professional opticians like Lens and Frames Optical to avoid such issues in your new eyeglasses. Furthermore, if your old eyeglasses and sunglasses are causing problems, get them repaired by the best glasses repair providers in Cambridge Lens and Frames Optical. 

We provide free repairs and adjustments.

Eyewear Overhauls

Overhauling eyeglasses and sunglasses involves more work. It requires the optician to thoroughly examine the eyewear and make necessary improvements using the best of their skills. Same as eyeglasses repair, professional opticians should do eyeglasses overhauls. Typically, eyewear overhauls include adjusting the eyewear and replacing one or more of the following: screws, temple tips, and nose pads.

Certain metals, such as titanium frame repairs, necessitate laser welding techniques that require certified technicians and costly equipment. Overhauls require the specialties of a trained optician. Lens and Frames Optical provides the most reliable eyeglasses repair in Cambridge.

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