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One of the common concerns for parents these days is the increase in kids’ screen time. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote learning has become the new normal for us. We are now highly dependent on laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Increased use of digital screens is the reason for the rise in new health effects for children. Out of all the negative impacts of amplified screen time, poor sleep habits and digital eye strain are more frequent. So, to counteract these adverse effects, physicians recommend blue light glasses.

What Are the Actual Consequences of Blue Light?

According to scientific evidence, blue light is not the cause of digital eye strain. However, it negatively influences sleep quality as it interferes with melatonin production in the body. So, the abnormality in your melatonin production can disturb the circadian rhythm upsetting the sleep habits and resulting in depression and antisocial behaviour. You can reduce blue light exposure to avoid these problems to restore sleep quality.

Why Do Children Need Blue-Light Blocking Glasses?

If your kids are highly addicted to digital screens, you can get blue light glasses for them. These kids glasses will save your kids from intense blue light and improve their sleep schedule and its quality. However, blue-light filtering glasses will not be of much help if your kids have any existing symptoms of eye strain. Blue light is not the reason for eye strain, so its blockage won’t reduce it. Nonetheless, you can get such glasses for your children to maintain their sleep quality.

What Should You Look for in Kids’ Glasses?

Do your children need blue-light-protecting glasses? If yes, you have to look for certain qualities in the pair of glasses you buy. Here are a few guidelines regarding specific characteristics to consider in kids’ glasses.

  1. The first thing recommended is to look for a durable material for the glasses. Kids are not usually careful, and they can easily damage their glasses. So, make sure that the glasses you buy are durable and damage-resistant. You can also contact professional optical stores such as Lens & Frames Optical Inc. and get an idea about what kind of glasses to get for your kids.
  2. When choosing kids’ glasses, you should keep in mind the refund and return policies of the company. If you buy from a store that has customer friendly retailer’s policy, you will get a manufacturer’s warranty. Kids are not usually careful while using glasses, so they may break them.
  3. Be aware of fake company claims. If a company claims its products help eliminate digital eye strain, that is not true. There is insufficient research evidence to prove that blue light-filtering glasses remove digital eye strain.

Helpful Tips To Reduce Digital Eyestrain

Digital eyestrain is usually a result of excessive screentime. Any type of kids’ glasses is not going to eliminate this strain. So, what can you do to get rid of such issues? The solution is simple; you must restrain your kids from using digital devices before going to bed. The minimum blue light exposure will guarantee a healthy sleeping schedule for your kids. Healthy sleeping habits can save them from developing digital eyestrain in the first place.

You can also use a browser plugin or app that can provide 20-20-20 reminders for you. This way, your kids will get the required break from screens. You can also utilize dark mode or screen filters to reduce blue light. Use parental control on all digital devices and control your kid’s screen time. Taking substantial breaks and minimizing screen time are the most effective ways to save your kid’s eyes from any harmful impact of digital devices.

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