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As parents, enrolling our kids in sports is a fantastic way to encourage fun, exercise, and team-building skills. But, with the thrill of the game, there’s always that nagging worry about potential injuries – especially to the eyes. Whether it’s a fast-moving hockey puck or an accidental elbow during a basketball game, the risk of eye injury is real. But don’t fret! Following the guidance below can significantly reduce the risk and keep your child’s eyes safe during their favourite sports.


Identifying High-Risk Sports for Eye Injuries


Not all sports pose the same risk to your child’s eyes. Some activities are more prone to eye injuries than others. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Hockey: In Canada, hockey is almost a rite of passage. But eye protection is a must with flying pucks and sticks and the potential for collisions.
  • Basketball: While basketball involves a more giant ball, it’s still a contact sport. The risk of getting hit in the face by the ball or another player’s elbow is significant.
  • Baseball: Similar to hockey in terms of risk, baseball involves a small, hard ball and bats that can be hazardous. While helmets protect the head, they often lack eye protection.
  • Swimming: Surprisingly, swimming poses risks, too, from chlorinated water and germs that can irritate or harm the eyes to UV exposure from reflected sunlight.

Choosing the Right Eye Protection


The type of protective eyewear for your child depends on the sport they’re engaged in:

  • Goggles: Essential for swimming, they protect against water-borne irritants. Goggles can be worn under masks for added protection for sports like hockey. Opt for goggles with sturdy polycarbonate lenses.
  • Eye Guards: For sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, racquetball, or badminton, eye guards are suitable. They’re similar to goggles but offer a wider field of vision.


Making Protective Eyewear a Norm


It’s essential to normalize wearing protective eyewear in sports. The proper eyewear won’t hinder your child’s performance and can even be fitted with prescription lenses. Regular visits for an up-to-date prescription are crucial for children who wear glasses.

In conclusion, while sports are a great way for kids to stay active and social, eye safety should always be noticed. The proper protective eyewear can make all the difference in preventing injuries and keeping your children’s eyes safe.

For comprehensive eye exams in Cambridge and a wide selection of eyewear suitable for sports, consider visiting Lens & Frames Optical. Their team of experienced professionals can guide you in choosing the best protective eyewear for your child’s sporting needs, ensuring they stay safe while enjoying their favourite activities. Trust Lens & Frames Optical to provide the care and expertise your child’s eyes deserve.




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