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Do Sunglasses Work as Shooting Glasses?


Are you a passionate hunter or shooter? If you are, you might struggle to find the right safety glasses. When you handle a firearm, you will need some eye protection. When you visit online stores to buy shooting glasses, you might confuse them with safety glasses. Both glasses can benefit you and provide safety on outdoor shooting adventures. Some of you might also wonder if you can use sunglasses while shooting. Here you will get a complete guide regarding using sunglasses for shooting.


What Are Shooting Glasses?

Specialized corrective glasses that are specifically designed for use in shooting, particularly in sports shooting competitions. They help people see better and protect their eyes from things that could hurt them, such as dust, leaves, airborne debris, and twigs. They are beneficial when shooting in competitions or when there are strong winds. If someone needs glasses to see well, they can use prescription shooting glasses instead. They work well and are comfortable to wear.


Can You Use Sunglasses Instead of Shooting Glasses?

Some people want to use their sunglasses rather than spend money on shooting goggles. Others think wearing sunglasses can protect their eyes while welding, brazing, or cutting because the lenses are dark. However, this is not true. Sunglasses won’t shield your eyes from harmful radiation during these activities.

Similarly, sunglasses during shooting can be dangerous if they are not designed to protect your eyes from harmful materials. If sunglasses can handle impact without cracking or breaking, they are considered safe for eye protection. However, if the lenses crack or break, they should not be used as safety glasses.


Difference Between Safety and Shooting Glasses

Now, you may be asking yourself if there is any difference between safety and shooting glasses. When you buy protective glasses for shooting, you might find other categories, such as safety glasses. If you can understand each type of these lenses, you will be able to select the one best suited to your needs.

Shooting and safety glasses are similar because they protect your eyes and can be used for outdoor activities. However, shooting glasses are made to provide extra protection for your eyes.

Regular sunglasses do not need to meet safety standards but protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, dust, and debris. Shooting glasses are designed to be exceptionally durable.


Things to Think About When Buying Shooting Glasses

When you buy any form of safety glasses, there are a few factors you should consider. Here are some things you should keep in mind while purchasing a pair of shooting glasses.

Intended Use

Shooting glasses are for people who go to shooting ranges or hunt. You must wear them at a shooting range or while hunting, even if you’re not firing a gun. Safety glasses are for people who work in environments with things that could hurt their eyes, like construction sites or labs. They keep things like dust and chemicals away from the eyes.

Safety glasses are also beneficial for sports and activities that could cause debris to fly around. Both glasses are meant to protect the eyes but are designed for different situations. You need to choose the right type of eyewear based on what you’ll be doing.

Safety Standards

Shooting and safety glasses must follow safety rules made by the relative authorities. Shooting glasses need to meet the highest standards and are tested a lot to ensure they can handle being hit by fragments of bullets or debris. Safety glasses also have to follow these standards, but they are made to be extra durable and strong.

When you hold a gun close to your face, it can be dangerous. That’s why wearing glasses made for shooting to protect your eyes from harm is essential. If you use sunglasses to save money, make sure they are durable enough to withstand any exterior harm.


Contact Lens & Frames Optical

Lens & Frames Optical is your local one-stop shop for designer frames and affordable eyewear. Our store offers prescription or non-prescription lenses for safety eyeglasses. We will create customized prescription shooting glasses to help you protect your eyes from injury and enjoy a smooth shooting experience.



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