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Are you a skiing enthusiast who wants to ski comfortably and safely? Then, you should invest in skiing goggles to keep your eyes covered and protected on the slopes. You are exposed to blowing snow, harsh winds, and bright sunlight while skiing and snowboarding. This exposure can cause discomfort and damage your eyes. Therefore, wearing proper skiing goggles to protect your eyes is essential. If you are a new skier unsure whether buying skiing glasses is worth it, this article is for you. Read on to learn why buying skiing glasses is a good idea. 


Protect You From Glare

Sun’s glare is a major problem skiers face during skiing as it affects visibility. Skiing glasses have dark lens tints that reduce reflected glare and help you ski safely and comfortably. If you want to ski comfortably without the sun’s or snow’s blinding glare, consider investing in advanced skiing goggles with polarised or photochromic lenses. These filters effectively block glare and reduce the bounce-back from the sunshine on snow or ice. However, remember that some skiers advise that polarised goggles may affect your ability to spot patches of ice on the slope. Not all ski goggles are polarised, so check before you buy.


Photochromic lenses are a better option. These advanced lenses can automatically change their tint based on the amount of UV light present, providing excellent visibility in all conditions. With photochromic lenses, you don’t have to worry about changing your goggles throughout the day, making them a convenient and worthwhile investment for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiast.


Ensure Safety

Ski goggles can shield your eyes from potential injuries during a collision or crash on the slopes. When you fall, blunt objects like rocks or even your own skis can hit you in the face, causing severe eye damage. Wearing ski goggles is more effective than sunglasses since they provide greater coverage and protection for your entire face. Furthermore, the foam padding around the edges adds an extra cushioning layer to prevent injury. You never know what obstacles you might encounter while skiing, so having a protective barrier between your eyes and the outside world is a smart move to stay safe and enjoy your skiing experience without worries.


Provide UV Protection

Skiing glasses protect your eyes from harmful UV & UVB rays. Exposure to high-intensity UV light for extended periods can cause both short-term and long-term eye damage. Snow blindness, a condition where your cornea gets sunburnt due to excessive exposure to UV light, is a common problem skiers face. High altitudes increase light exposure, and snow magnifies the sun’s glare, increasing the risk of snow blindness. Wearing ski goggles with the correct tint protects your eyes from snow blindness and other long-term eye diseases like cataracts. With ski goggles, you can ski as long as you want without worrying about eye damage from the sun’s harmful rays.


Improve Your Performance

With their foam padding, large frames, and lenses, skiing goggles block wind and snow from reaching your eyes, enabling you to become a pro skier. By providing a clearer view of the terrain, skiing goggles can increase your reaction time and help you navigate the slopes more effectively. They can also prevent eye strain caused by glare from the sun or snow reflections, which can be an issue on bright sunny days or at high altitudes. Moreover, skiing goggles also provide insulation against extreme cold and act as a shield against the frigid mountain air. So, invest in a pair of skiing goggles today and improve your skiing experience.


Buy From Lens & Frames Optical

Lens & Frames Optical is the best store for sports glasses in Cambridge, Ontario. We offer both prescription and non-prescription ski goggles that are designed to provide you with maximum protection and comfort. Our store offers a range of shapes and sizes to choose from, including options for kids and oversized goggles for those who need a little extra space. Our professionals will guide you about the most important features to look for in ski glasses



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