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How can I choose the perfect eyeglasses for my child? You have come to the right place if this question is on your mind. Eyeglasses are an essential component of your child’s eye care. Lens & Frames Optical offers valuable guidance on eye care and ideal eyewear solutions for children. The use of eyeglasses allows children to do the following activities without a problem:

  • Keep their eyes straight when they are crossed or misaligned
  • See better
  • Develop normal vision
  • Strengthen the vision of a weak eye
  • Treat abnormal vision in one or both eyes

To choose the best eyeglasses for your child, you must pick the right optical shop in a convenient location. Once you select an excellent optical store, follow the steps mentioned in this article to choose the best eyeglasses for your child.


Consider Frame Size

There are now glasses frames for children of all ages, even for new-borns just a few months old. Finding a size that fits your child should be simple but bear in mind that the thickness of the lens will depend on the optical prescription. Avoid wearing large frames if your child has a high prescription because larger frames tend to have thicker lenses. Furthermore, larger and heavier lenses are likely to produce higher-order aberrations near the edge, resulting in distorted or blurred peripheral vision.


Choose the Right Frame Material

The durability, weight, and price of modern metal and plastic frames are similar. However, the metal content might differ between frames; therefore, speaking with a licenced optician is essential before choosing the best pair. Another critical point to consider while choosing frame material for your child’s eyeglasses is any allergies. There are frames made of hypoallergenic materials available on the market as well. Therefore, do not panic if your child is allergic to any substance (such as nickel) found in many eyeglass frames. Regarding kid’s glasses, plastic or polycarbonate lenses with protective coating are recommended for safety and long-term use.


Consider Lens Material

After you have chosen the frames for your child, you should consider the lens material. Children’s lenses should be composed of high-index materials like polycarbonate or trivex, designed to be more pleasant than standard plastic lenses. These lenses are scratch-, impact-, and weight-resistant. Additionally, they provide UV protection to shield young eyes from the sun’s UV radiation. For children’s eyeglasses, avoid using glass lenses because they are too heavy and more likely to shatter or break.


Temple Style

If your child’s glasses frequently fall off their face, then eyeglasses with cable temples would be an ideal choice. These cable temples hold the glasses around the back of the ear, and your child can perform normal activities like sports and more. Temples are also available in different styles, such as regular-sized and shaped temples for older children and elastic straps for younger children.


Eyeglasses Design

Children might get uncomfortable wearing eyeglasses for the first time. The solution to this problem is to engage them in the selection of eyeglasses.  Allow your youngster to express their preferences to you while encouraging them to select picture frames with a sleek, appealing style. Your approval of their choice in frames will give your youngster confidence, and they will also value your judgement. Your child should leave the store feeling good about themself and looking excellent.


Visit Lens & Frames Optical

Lens & Frames Optical, Cambridge, ON, is a prominent glasses shop that sells many types of kids eyeglasses. With a team of certified opticians, Lens & Frames Optical provides flawless eyeglass dispensing services in Cambridge.




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