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When choosing children’s glasses, pay close attention to the frame’s size and material. If the glasses do not fit well, a child will be less likely to wear them. Frame size matters the most, and larger frame sizes are recommended for children’s use. The correct frame fitting is essential for anyone wearing glasses, but it is especially crucial for children. Consult an experienced, registered, and licensed Optician, Lens & Frames Optical, to understand how glasses should fit a child to ensure they’re comfortable. The following are four reasons why children need to wear larger-size frames.



Glasses are prescribed for eye protection. Children with poor vision in one eye should have their other eye fully protected. A pair of glasses that only partially cover the entire eye socket area would not provide sufficient protection. In Kids’ glasses, lenses are to be of a specific thickness and large enough to cover the cheekbone and extend around the eyes. This requires larger eyeglass frames. Larger-size frames protect kids’ eyes from debris and dirt.



Remember that when finding the perfect glasses for your child, you are looking for the best fit for their eyes and the whole head. The larger the size of the frame, the heavier they might get. Even though a larger frame size is recommended for kids glasses, overall frame weight is a crucial factor to consider. The ears and sides of the head support a substantial portion of the frame’s weight. Hence, to keep your child comfortable in their glasses, prioritize their comfort while purchasing.


Head tilt or Neck Paralysis

A larger size frame is recommended for children with special needs. In many cases, a larger eye-sized frame can make a huge difference. Like Nystagmus, a head turn or tilt may require a slightly larger eye size. Depending on the severity of their neck paralysis or stiffness, some children may have difficulty turning their heads in the right direction. This category also includes children in wheelchairs with restricted headrests. If natural head movement is restricted in any way, special consideration should be given.


Wandering Eyes or Nystagmus

Children with wandering eyes need extra lens areas to look through. In Nystagmus, the eyes move in a jerky, quick manner back and forth, darting back and forth quickly. Therefore, small frames interrupt and limit their vision. Children with this health condition have a null point where there is the least amount of jutting back and forth. Accordingly, the frame size for such kids should be designed according to this null point. They may need a larger frame to avoid being restricted by the frame edge when looking around. A frame just a few millimetres larger in eye size can make a big difference in vision. Contact a licensed optician to find the correct frame size for your child with wandering eyes or Nystagmus.


Helpful Tips to Find the Right Glasses for Your Child

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to choose the right size frames for your kids. When you know what to look for, fitting children’s glasses is simple. Bring your children to an optical store to ensure their glasses fit correctly. Your child’s eyewear may need to be adjusted if they appear to be in pain or have red marks on their faces. Click here to know more about how do you choose the best eyeglasses for your child?


A child’s glasses should fit like this:

  • Ideally, your child’s glasses should be the same size as their eye sockets
  • Your child’s lenses must follow the natural curve of each eye
  • Excessively long temples should be avoided


If your child’s glasses are the right size, you can rest assured that they will wear them more often. Help your children develop excellent eye care habits early on, including wearing their glasses.

Contact Lens & Frames Optical to get assistance from expert licensed opticians. We are the best store for kids’ glasses and frames in Cambridge, Ontario.



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