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At Lens & Frames Optical Guelph, we’re dedicated to enhancing your vision and ensuring you get the most out of your prescription glasses. One of the best ways to achieve this is by opting for an anti-reflective coating on your lenses. This coating is crucial in optimizing your vision by allowing more light to pass through the lenses, benefiting your visual clarity.


What Is Anti-Reflective Coating?

Anti-reflective coating, or AR coating or anti-glare coating, is designed to minimize the light reflected off your eyeglass lenses’ front and back surfaces. By reducing reflections, a higher percentage of light can penetrate the lens, significantly improving the amount of light that reaches your eyes. This is crucial because optimal light reception is fundamental for clear vision.

When light enters the eye, photoreceptor cells in the retina convert it into electrical signals. Upon reaching the brain, these signals are interpreted as the images we see. Standard plastic lenses reflect about 8% of incoming light, but with AR coating, up to 99% of light can reach your eyes, enhancing your overall visual experience.


How Anti-Reflective Coating Enhances Your Vision

The secret behind the effectiveness of anti-reflective coatings lies in their composition. They are made from numerous ultra-thin layers of metal oxides applied to the lens surface. These layers vary in refractive index, measuring how much the lens bends or refracts light. The arrangement of these layers reduces the amount of light reflected by the lenses, thus maximizing the light transmitted to your eyes.

Most lenses treated with AR coating exhibit a subtle tint, often green or blue, which is a characteristic of the specific brand of coating used. This tint does not affect vision but signifies the presence of the anti-reflective properties.


The Benefits of Anti-Reflective Coating

Choosing lenses with anti-reflective coating from Lens & Frames Optical comes with numerous advantages:

  • Reduction of Eye Strain: In today’s digital age, many spend hours staring at screens. Lenses with AR coating can mitigate digital eye strain, making prolonged screen use more comfortable.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Lenses with AR coating reduce glare, making your glasses look almost invisible. This enhances your natural appearance, allowing for better eye contact and stronger connections with others.
  • Enhanced Night Driving: By reducing glare from headlights and minimizing halos around streetlights, AR-coated lenses improve your ability to see clearly at night, making driving safer.
  • Photo-Friendly: AR coating reduces reflections from bright light or camera flashes, ensuring you look your best in photographs.
  • Durability: Often paired with an anti-scratch layer, AR coating can extend the life of your lenses, keeping them in pristine condition longer.


AR coating is versatile and can be applied to various lens types, including single-vision, progressive, blue-light-blocking, reading, photochromic, and sunglasses. This makes it an excellent option for nearly all eyewear needs, enhancing visual comfort and clarity across lighting conditions and activities.

Maintaining Your Anti-Reflective Lenses

To preserve the integrity of your anti-reflective lenses, it’s essential to clean them correctly. Use recommended products, avoid harsh chemicals, wet the lenses before washing, and avoid using dry cloths on dry lenses to prevent scratches. Proper care ensures your lenses remain effective and scratch-free for as long as possible.


Investing in Your Vision with Anti-Reflective Coating

While anti-reflective coating is an additional feature that increases the cost of your glasses, its benefits in terms of vision quality and comfort are invaluable. At Lens & Frames Optical in Guelph, we believe in providing our customers with options that enhance their visual experience. Suppose you’re interested in prescription glasses in Guelph with the added advantage of anti-reflective coating. In that case, our team guides you through your choices, ensuring you make the best decision for your vision and lifestyle.


In summary, the anti-reflective coating offers a range of benefits that contribute to clearer vision, reduced eye strain, and enhanced eyewear aesthetics. Whether working on a computer, driving at night, or simply enjoying the outdoors, AR-coated lenses from Lens & Frames Optical can significantly improve your visual experience. We invite you to explore the difference AR coating can make on your next pair of prescription glasses in Guelph.



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