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Why does my 5-year-old need glasses? Is it normal for children to wear glasses? Yes, it is normal for a 5-year-old to wear glasses. Vision problems are common among children and can occur at any age. Some children may be born with vision problems, while others develop them later in their lives. Conditions in which a child needs glasses may vary – it can be due to different vision problems such as farsightedness, near-sightedness, lazy eye or other vision problems. In most cases, wearing glasses is recommended for vision correction. This article aims to help you understand why kids need glasses and whether wearing them benefits them.


Does Wearing Glasses Damage Children’s Eyes?

Are you worried if your 5-year-old wears glasses, it will lead to a lifelong dependency? No, wearing glasses does not prolong the need for glasses or damage children’s eyes. In fact, the opposite may be true. If a child has vision problems and does not wear prescribed glasses, this could lead to further complications and stop normal vision development. Therefore, you should support and guide your child in adjusting to wearing eyeglasses. Choosing the right glasses for a child can actually improve their vision and quality of life.


How Can You Help Your 5-Year-Old Wear Glasses?

Now that it is clear, eyeglasses promote normal vision development and cure children’s vision problems. The challenge you face is to convince your child to wear them. As they might find it hard initially – you can do the following to help them adjust to glasses:

Buy a good frame fit from a professional optician – like Lens & Frames Optical – who sells the best kids glasses. An expert helps you choose a frame your kid will like.

Choose a very comfortable frame with the eye centred in the middle of the lens.

Buy shatterproof lenses such as those made of polycarbonate – these are ideal for kids.

Add silicone temple tips or a strap with the frame to help your child wear glasses in the correct position.


Should a Child Wear Glasses?

Children may need glasses due to several reasons, some of which differ from those for adults. Are glasses required for normal vision development in children? Well, it is partially true. Glasses may play an important role in ensuring healthy vision because children’s visual systems are still growing and developing.

A child might need to wear glasses in the following situations:

To support better vision, enabling a child to function better at home and at school.

When a child has a lazy eye or weak vision in one eye, glasses can help strengthen their eyesight. In this condition, one eye may be normal, but the other may require glasses due to near-sightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Another situation can be where eyes are crossed or misaligned. Glasses are prescribed for kids to help straighten the eyes.

Sometimes a 5-year-old might need to wear eyeglasses to correct temporary vision problems caused by an injury or eye infection.

Lens & Frames Optical

If you are looking for kids glasses, prescription glasses, or sunglasses, Lens & Frames Optical offers the best variety in Cambridge, ON. We provide top-notch services to ensure optimum eye health for our valued customers. Read our article When Do Kids Need Glasses? to learn more.



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